Amtgard's Barony of Seven Sleeping Dragons: Boffer Combat in San Luis Obispo, CA.

[SSD Populace] Arts & Science/Build nights

Just a gentle reminder that start time is 6:30pm unless we specify otherwise.  Leah and I have been getting home from work later than usual and need the time to prep the house.Happy crafting!

[SSD Populace] Prime Minister Voting

From our local GMR, Leah:

[SSD Populace] August Allthing

Hey folks, if you are Ajax, Draiven, Gorilla, or Stagwood, I would like your votes for the August Allthing.

[SSD Populace] Westmarch Allthing

Good morning populace, this is an announcement for any dues-paid members who were not on field this week (or who showed up after the allthing!).

[SSD Populace] Test

Testing to confirm that our mailing list is working again…

[SSD Populace] Votes!

Hello folks, I have a few dues-paid members who were not able to vote on the field (or who I forgot to ask).  If you are:

[SSD Populace] Declarations and Quals!

Hello SSD, this is your Prime Minister speaking, please do not adjust your volume.

[SSD Populace] Allthing

Hello Populace-People,

[SSD Populace] Declairations for Summer Reign

Hello SSD,

[SSD Populace] Allthing this Weekend

Hello SSD,